Tuesday, April 24, 2012

some days i just feel so alone and no one cares and it doesn't matter because i don't need anyone else.

but thank you for the days when you prove me wrong.

to that straightforward friend,

you always make me feel immature and irresponsible when it comes to this and no matter how i hate to hear it because it hurts, deep down i know you are right. thank you for always being honest with me no matter what and for believing in me.

to that beautiful friend i don't deserve,

i didn't mean to break your heart but i guess i stupidly did and i'm sorry because i rarely shout for help and i don't give others a chance to care until it's too late. 

thank you for understanding and not giving up on me.

to that friend who never fails to listen,

thank you for putting up with me and not judging me for who i am as a person. thank you for making me feel that i am not going through it alone and making time for me despite your own problems.

to that friend who owes me ice cream,

just because. and for always making an effort to cheer me up.

to that friend who prays for me,

thank you for helping me find strength.

to that friend who still makes an effort to smile,

whether it's real or not real, thank you for smiling anyway despite all the crap i know you're going through. 

i just really don't feel deserving of that much love but i'm grateful anyway.

so thank you and i'm sorry.
Best regards,
Adindi Ramadhania

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