Saturday, January 23, 2010


if i was to hold you would you know me?
would you remember my touch, my scent, my rhythm?

we once owned the night,
passionate lovers who paused
the world for our own pleasure.
our bodies a conduit for old souls,
finally reunited,
releasing their pent up passion.

if i kissed your cheek would you long for my lips?
would you open your eyes and smile
once more before you go?

we were invincible lovers once
who walked the shores of life side by side.
ran uncovered across the moonlit sands
ending under a sea of blankets in a cabin by the bay.

if i tell you i love you will you finally go?
will you wait for me once more
in a quiet place near the edge of a shore?

i can’t turn and walk away without you
but i can hold you while you go knowing
we will once again find each other.
we’ve loved in the past,
found the true love within us today
and we will be lovers again.
i will love you forever
and then again another day.

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Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it