Wednesday, April 28, 2010

57 kilos!

Yep, the post title this time you can certainly guess. Weight. My weight rose again two kilos. I was really stressed. I felt I was getting fat and more fat. What the hell else should I do? It feels really want to diet, but apparently not strong. I continued to starve. I always want to chew, though I don't feel hungry. Crazy huh? Yes yes, I'm crazy.

Before my weight up, I've felt so fat. Now? Huh. Really make a crazy and stressful. Tonight, I had successfully swallowed two meat dumplings. Even now, I write with a felt rumbling. Looks like after this I'll get ready for bed while eating crisps. (Then, when I'll be skinny?)

Frankly, there's something that I feared. But I can't say it here. In connection with the increase in my weight. Hhh, and anyway I don't want to discuss it. Maybe because I was too scared.

Ok, change the topic. Yesterday, my internet connection is continuously error. Tonight just started running smoothly again. Yet I continue to feel bored. Don't know what to do. I want to go out and hold each day. But don't know with whom. Looks like I haven't got anyone. No friends, boyfriends, and family. Hahaha, maybe I exaggerated. But seriously, I feel like it. Looks like once when I still had a boyfriend, I never felt loneliness like this. But now I'm single, and must feel lonely like this anymore.

Huh, very bored. Better, I prepared to sleep with a handful of taro chips, and Skins Season 3. And it will continue like this. Fuck off.

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