Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm stressed. So confused. Recently I signed up to participate KKN or Kuliah Kerja Nyata.It is a program that is always held by Unpad every year. And cater for students of 6th semester. What makes the confusion, because the program was being held in villages in West Java. I was terrified. How is life I will there? How can I shower? How do I wash my own clothes? Okay, maybe I've been too spoiled. But it was not strong live. Especially if it turns out later I was not allowed to go home to Jakarta.

Since earlier, I tried calling my mother. But she's not being answered.Maybe she's still working, or is in prayer, or even fall asleep. I really wanted to tell her I already specify location for me to do the KKN. Yes, I almost forgot to tell you, I'll do it in Ciamis, precisely in Cikoneng. Actually, I've never heard of the village. Although Ciamis, me and my family have visited there quite often. Because the neighbors around me had ever come from there. And because of their relationship with our family close enough, so we often visit Ciamis.

Frankly, I also still do not know, what should I do there. To be sure, for us the same as derived from the faculties of communication, must implement programs related to communication with people in the village. Many stories from our Seniors about the program and their experiences. There are also many stories and experiences that sounded creepy and scary. But, well, like I did not need to discuss it now. Instead of going to make me more afraid.

Fortunately, I got a nice group of friends and is also used to play with me any time. They are Momon, Pampas, and Ara. In fact, one group can consist up to 11 people. But from a faculty, a maximum of 4 persons. So we are one group for communication programs. From what I saw before, there are students from schools of medicine, faculty of economics, and science majors. One of Them is Momon's friend. But so far, there is only one male. And it is Ara. Hahahahaha.

Well anyway, the point is there are people I know. So at least I will not be alone. Moreover there is Momon. Hopefully everything will be fine. Amen. Because recently my friend, Ndut, told me that he'd be alone at the time of the program later. He will do it in Garut. But that makes fun, his village located on the seafront. He would be a beach boy, hahaha. It would be very exciting at all. Yeah, even though he has not got a friend now. But later he would have friends, too. And when relaxed later, he was with his friends will play on the beach, or swim in the sea. Ah, very exciting. Well, you know, I always liked the atmosphere at the beach. Calm, cool, and the smell of the sea is always very tasty. Hahaha. Am I weird? And the sun has always been a wonderful atmosphere. Hey, but why would I be talking about the beach like this? It's been a fortune for him. And I was supposed to accept and be grateful with what I've got. Not just complain.
Am I right? Well, it has become my fate. Haha, I seem excessive. To be sure, the program would begin in July to August. I must begin to prepare everything. Especially mentally in order not to whine when in the village later. Well, I have a lot to thank God as well. All that God gave to me would have been the best.

Okay, now I must go out to dinner with Ndut. In fact, we also invited Arcen to join us. But he said he'd already eaten earlier. So maybe I'm just alone with Ndut. I'm really hungry tonight. This is because I have not eaten at all today. Oh, no, not because of diet. But more because I'm so lazy to get out today. I spent my time to watch Skins all day long. Skins really makes me mad passionate. Although I've only watched up to season 2. But Skins are really quite amazing.

I'm with Ndut plans for dinner at Marino in a minute. Yes, eat all kinds of seafood. Ohh, very nice. So, we talk again tomorrow. Wish me luck guys. Yeah, for everything.

Good night. x

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