Saturday, May 22, 2010


Yeah, like I've said before, Pitbull comes to Indonesia! And I came to watch him. Aw, that's right that people say, he's very handsome, and also sexy. Although actually I'm a bit annoyed with the way he dressed. Hahahaha. But really, a very interesting performance. I'm very happy at that time.

Of course not just me. I'm sure, my friends who watched with me when it was also very happy and satisfied. They are Fara, Mute, and Andre.

Fara, Me, and Mutia.
We're still on the road in this photo. Andre didn't participate in the photo because he was busy driving. Our trip from Bandung to Jakarta very stressful, lol. Because we were pressed for time, and the road is very bad everywhere. And we were very frightened too late :(

Me and Fara again.
Although we are a great hurry at the time, me and Fara tried to stay calm and keep laughing. Maybe it was because we were only able to have fun together. Yeah, you know, of course Mutia and Andre busy kissing and hugging all the way HAHAHA.

(Once again). A funny Fara <3

Here he is!
I want you want me, you know I want cha. x

Awww! <3

Ugh, so happy that night. When finished, we were very exhausted from dancing and jumping up and down throughout the concert. Thanks also to Bang Chris and Java Musikindo. Very awesome. Ca't wait until the next event ;)

Ps. I wear a blouse that I bought in a new boutique in Trunojoyo. Named Teapot. If you visit to Bandung, you should drop by the boutique. They have beautiful and wonderful things. And, Oya, that ring is also bought at the Teapot. :D

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