Friday, May 14, 2010

hello, little girl

I'm in Jakarta now. Take it easy at home.
I thought everything will be fine.
Apparently, not at all.

When I woke up, my brother tells me that our maid can't come again. My mother said she was sick. I don't know what illness she suffered. But to be honest, I was very upset. Because it means I have to clean and tidy home. And that really sucks. Huuuf.

In addition, there is the most irritated me.
Did I ever tell you about the little girl who haunts me for almost three years? Yes. I don't lie. She's really haunting and bring misery to my life. A girl who comes from hell. And going back to hell someday. You'll see. I always try to be nice to her. But I always get hurt very much. She was a very evil. Hhh, even talking about her now just makes me so hurt. I shouldn't know her. But there are situations that require me to get to know her and have contact with her. She's always been my business to interfere. Then she will talk about me to her friends. Like, when she knew me and my friends were drunk and smoking in one night, she starts talking about me on twitter. Don't think I don't know that I am who you're talking about, bitch! You really are a little whore.

And now (I don't know since when) she had been blocked me on Twitter. And already deleted from Facebook, and Tumblr. And the most painful, I don't know what her reasons. I think she's just envious to me, so she's constantly angry and feel the world is not fair to her.

Hahaha. I just want to tell you, slut bitch, FUCK OFF. You're completely worthless in my life. And your life will not be happy forever. All the things that I feel for this, would you feel someday. And by then I'll laugh forever. You go to school that famous and being pretentious slang, will never make you a great girl.
Trust me. Your face is really ugly, Baby. So don't think one day you can be beautiful. You will still be bad. And it will be forever. HAHAHA.
Bye the ugly and tacky bitch. Thanks, you've gone from my life, because, really, all this time, you really disturbed my life.
So, good-fuckin-bye!

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