Wednesday, May 12, 2010



I'll put some photos at a my surprise party a week ago.
Sorry for being late. But lately the electricity in my house a bit problematic, so I rarely write and update blog.
I miss you all.
Look at my face mixed emotion excited when I discovered this a surprise. I get a blackforest from my friends (Budasel).

Lovely Fara. While on a diet, it turns out she can't refuse the blackforest. Lol.

Kikih and Coro who came suddenly, and I had never expected. They were both my classmates on campus.

Do I look pretty surprised? Haha thank you all.

It's very fun to have friends who are so cared and kind.
This doesn't include Momon, my other close friends, who also immediately called me that night. (I wish it could also be photographed).
And unfortunately, when the next day my family gave a surprise to me, I didn't get to record it, or just make the photos. Not because it was unhappy, but because I was so excited, so I can't do anything but smile, laugh and be happy. <3

Ps. Tonight, me and some friends of mine, will come to watch the Pitbull concert at the Tennis Indoor Senayan. Wow, this would be very nice. I can't hardly wait! :D

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