Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I fucking hate uni! lets drop out, buy a car and take off and travel the world!! I’ll get all my money out of my accounts and we can go to different countries. and we can just be free forever, find some wild horses and live with them for a while also. and we can go find native people who will share their ideas and food with us and live not here with stupid fake people. and have spiritual journeys and quests, become one with the earth. and travel to alaska and see the northern lights. and then saill all the way down to the coast of Chilie and see those little stone guys. and eat plants and fish in the waters. and hike along the andes mountains and go to the amazon rain-forest and fight with the panthers. then travel to europe and go into little german towns. Get fucked up on german beers and eat a shit ton of pretzels and the fuck around in Europe for a bit, zoom down to Australia and hunt a croc. and see kangaroos, go on a safari and a walkabout. then travel up to China and see the Great Wall. Spend a little time in russia too. and make an igloo and chill with some Narwals, go up to the north pole say ‘sup’ to Santa. Then go to egypt and explore the pyramids and trap doors.

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