Friday, January 20, 2012

Losing someone special in your life is already hard enough; losing someone that has seen you grow in all the different ways possible, someone you look up to and someone you wish to see proud of yourself is almost unbearable. I know it must be hard to lose a father in any way, but I hope you’re able to know that you are not alone, you are never alone.

Things might get hard, but know that you’ll always have us. Us, your fans, your friends, your family. Us, who only wish to see you surface in happiness and success through all of your life. When you can’t get up, you do know that we all are here to lift you up and that’s what we’re about to do right now.

We love you, Junsu. A man with such a big heart like yours might find himself broken at the moment but, please, stay strong. Even though some of us can’t be able to be there physically; all our words, thoughts and prayers are landing there, by your side.

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