Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sometimes I feel like I live my life through a rearview mirror.
Always leaving behind someone who means everything.
I thought this would get easier.

Sometimes, I dont know how I force myself to keep driving.
When all I want is to stay with you. To stay frozen in a moment.
To feel complete.
Sometimes just thinking about you makes it hard to breathe.
My muscles ache and surge without you.

I think about the nights we lay there deep in conversation.
When you tell me thing that I love to hear.
The heavier the eyelids, the sincerer the words.
I can honestly say, I love you with all the spaces in between.

You're like the stars in my night sky.
The good part of my day.
An addiction of the best kind.
You dont know how beautiful you are.

These days, I dont believe in much.
But I believe in you and me.
I believe in having a love so strong it makes you feel weak.
I believe in having a love so strong that it makes your eyes water.
Theres no greater feeling than falling into you.
Best regards,
Adindi Ramadhania

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