Saturday, September 1, 2012

Worthless. Hopeless. Useless. Broken. As always.

Dude, I'm a denial of human being. I'm not good for anything. I hate myself and my life.

I understand why things are the way they are...
it hurts, but I understand it.

People closest to me are better off without me in their lives.

This fact has been proven a few times and I'm getting to the point where I just have to accept it, even if it does hurt a hell of a lot.

We all have that moment where we're just sitting there- our face buried in our hands, tears streaming down our face as we try to remain silent, it feels like your whole world is burning down around you and all you can do is sit there and watch it happen. We've all had it at some point. Try having that feeling every second, of every day. Welcome to my life.

"She is tired of giving her all and do not receive not even the half. She was so broken she got used to. Nothing could hurt her more anymore. She was on the edge of pain. Now, she's dead inside. People who she loves don't even hesitate before hurting her. She shouldn't be alive. She feels that everyday, there are too many too problems, she can't even know what is to be loved anymore. She's lost with no place to go. Her eyes are always wet. No one knows how to dry them. She needs to be strong. And she is. But the limit is coming. She lost her faith, she lost her life. And now, she is going to sleep. Good night."

Best regards,
Adindi Ramadhania

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