Monday, April 13, 2009


Semalem gue masuk ke kamar Momon, dan menemukan dia sedang asyik main-main di depan laptopnya. Ternyata, dia lg iseng-iseng main personality test gitu. "Seru loh, Dind!" kata dia sih gitu. Dan pas sore ini gue buka facebook, ternyata Momon udah kirim link website personality test itu loh. Ternyata emang lumayan seru & buat gue agak menegangkan. Terutama setiap harus menunggu resultnya, kayaknya hati gue bertanya-tanya hasilnya bakal gimana yaaaaaa....... Dari sekian banyak test yang gue coba, ini beberapa hasil dari personality test gue ;D

  • You are strong, brave and decisive. You are good at management and leading. Sometimes your husband and children will find you a bit on the strict side, but you'll take care of your family to the best of your abilities. When there is a problem, you'll face it with no fear. You are a true homely idol.
  • Never one to waste a spare minute, you are a dynamic and active person. You are optimistic and never worry about problems because you're sure a solution will arise when you need it to.
  • You are extremely sensitive and the smallest criticism can profoundly hurt your feelings. When you are not happy with something, you let it show. You are a candid person, but sometimes people might wish you were less of a drama queen.
  • You could be heading for trouble if you don't loosen up just a little bit. Don't be so suspicious of him. He did have a life before he met you. You are too pessimistic about your relationship, and this could, ironically, be the reason that it will eventually end. Cut him some slack, and you'll find he comes back to you of his own accord anyway.
  • You are imaginative and colorful. You attract people just by the way you talk. This can make some people feel jealous.

Sebenernya masih banyak banget test & result yang lain, tapi ya bosen juga ga sih kalo kalian harus baca-baca results gue? Gimana kalo kalian coba sendiri, soalnya kebanyakan juga bener hasilnya, kalo gak benerpun yaaaa buat seru-seruan aja kali ya hehe, try it! (thanks to momon)

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